Friday, July 07, 2006

Long Night...Early Start

So first time in long time I pulled an all nighters. I made the best of the time updated this blog, performed maintenance on server and some reading. On the 4 th the IPOD broke luckily I was in the New York City and went to Apple Store (59th and 5 Ave). The ipod was still covered that under extend warranty for another 20 days, good buy on the extend warranty :o) Apple Genius (that’s what they call their tech support) gave me a new 4G IPOD. Lost all the song rating so the shuffle is playing most random songs another 18 months to reprogram. The 4 th in the city was pretty cool see the pictures (link: ) it was Catherine first Independence Day in the States, Rachna the girl can talk and Joe rush across the city to get trained almost killed him.

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