Monday, December 11, 2006

To Each Their Own

Came into the office today and realized that I am finally getting into the rhythm of things. Audit here at Altria is different from that of Tyco. Tyco was learning the process through testing, which I found effective; however it could lead to over testing with inexperience. Altria is the understanding the process then testing, with the reverse of effect of under testing. With a little more time and training things will workout just fine. I got into the most interesting conversation about whatnots with Justyna our new member to the Kraft-London-Team. She’s midway through a PhD of Internal Audit, Mr. Termine would be most jealous. Now only if I could find a place to live.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Not Homeless Yet

For being a techie to people. I have never posted to Craigslist. That has changed today I posted a request for a roommate in the Chicago area. After realizing that buying a house is does not have a financial benefit. See post below:

What I am Looking for:

I am looking to rent a spacious room; enough to fit a queen size bed and other personal belongings. I would also like garage parking or secure parking and in-unit laundry in the following locations, Evanston, Lakeview, Glenview, and Chicago.

I am in early 20's, I have master's degree, speak Spanish, Colombian, travel for work, new to Chicago, born in Miami, studied in Boston, lived in Princeton,NJ for a while and my favorite city is Barcelona, Spain.

Other: http:///


(1) One Room
(2) Parking
(3) In-Unit Laundry
(4) Other things a plus :o)