Sunday, June 12, 2005

@ Spain - Daps

Daps, is little restaurant I found last night near the hotel. It's the first good restaurant that I have found in this city. They had great service and I even caught the host cleaning the door knob :o) the meal was good I had fish for starters, fish as the main plate and dessert like always plus a glass of white wine. The whole thing took about two hours which gave me time to get some R&R after spending the whole day walking Barcelona. Oh yeah..... I should post something about Barcelona....

Sunday, June 05, 2005

@ Spain

So i made it out of princeton, NJ. Now, I am in Bracelona, Spain. The jet lag was one of the worst. I got to the hotel (AC Irla), and took a nice nap. When, I woke up I came to realize that all of Bracelona is closed on Sunday. Good thing I was napping all day. But, all this means that i got no place to eat.